Continental X King MTB Tyre 26"

Code: AA0185
RRP: £19.95 Our Price: £16.95

XKing - The all-purpose weapon

Its developers say it can do anything! Its riders say, That's my tyre!

Super fast, but nevertheless with a good grip, the X-King was developed with the Topeak Ergon mountain bike professional team.

Despite pronounced studs, the X-King rolls off smoothly and very quietly.

No matter if you are on your own or in a team, with Race and Mountain King, the super-light X-King easily covers many uses, ranging from cross country/race to Alpcross.

The X-King simply leaves its competitors behind.

The shoulder lugs provide absolute stability in curves negotiated at high speeds

Race Sport and ProTection carcass versions provide better than ever puncture resistance.

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