DT Swiss Aero Lite black spokes 14 g / 2 mm

Code: BA0458

DT Swiss Aero Lite Black Spokes 14g / 2mm - 282mm - supplied with Aluminium Nipple

The lightest and most aerodynamic spoke available, designed for the highest performance wheels

The aero section spoke is 2 mm thick at the ends, flattening out to a 0.9 x 2.3 mm bladed section in the middle to improve aerodynamics

Hubs can be laced as normal, so no slotting of the spoke holes is required which can weaken a hub flange

The butting process adds strength through cold forging of the metal

Made from X5 stainless steel, containing chrome for rust resistance and nickel for strength

The rolling of the nipple thread removes no metal from the spoke and preserves the grain of the material, maximising strength

Finished in black using an electro-chemical treatment that is durable, and does not weaken the spoke

Comes supplied with 12 mm DT aluminium nipples

Weight: 278 grams for 64 x 264 mm length spokes