Exped Waterproof Fold Drybags BRIGHT

Code: AA0885

Exped Fold Drybag Bright Sight

Fold Drybags that stand out; BS stands for Bright Sight. They share the same excellent materials and features as the standard Fold Drybags. Made for those who need the visibility or want to extend their collection of dry bags. After all there's nothing worse than realising you've left a bag behind as you get back into your boat.


Roll-top-closure with quick release buckle

Water Resistance:




Intended use:


Organising Backpack, Outdoor in general

These bags are not submersible, however, we are quite happy to use these inside another heavierweight of bag inside our boat for the most important bits of our kit when expeditioning.


XXS - 1 Litre

XS - 3 Litre

S - 5 Litre

M - 8 Litre

L - 13 Litre

XL - 22 Litre

XXL - 40 Litre