NRS Canoe 3-D End Floats 29.5" - Pair

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NRS Canoe 3-D End Floats 29.5" - Pair

Infinity 3-D End Floats give you the water displacement you'll need under most conditions. Combine them with center floats and you'll be ready for big-water tandem paddling. Fits most canoes except those equipped with factory flotation chambers.

These bags are made from 70 Denier Urethane coated Nylon giving you amazing toughness and resistance to abrasion and UV rays

Large dump valve is great for quickly inflating and deflating your bags.

Fully inflated dimensions: 75 cm L x 46 cm D x 72 cm W

To determine the correct size of float bag for your boat, measure the inside compartment and order a bag that is slightly larger in dimensions to fill the space in your boat completely.