Ortlieb Water Bag

Code: BA0025

Ortlieb Water Storage Bag

Another excellent piece of kit, Pete the owner here, has several of these on the go which he bought more than 7 years ago for use on extended sea kayak trips with groups again, they're still going strong.

Extremely light and stable water bag with wide-mouth closure, nylon, dosing valve with dust cap, carrying handles, connecting of shower attachment, drinking tube (available as separate accessories) and filter units such as e.g. Katadyn or MSR for water sterilization possible.

Available in two colours, Black or Blue and three sizes detailed below.


2 l: 30 x 20 cm, weight appr. 80 g

4 l: 38 x 25 cm, weight appr. 130 g

10 l: 44 x 36 cm, weight appr. 160 g

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