P & H Cetus LV Sea Kayak - Performance Kevlar / Diolen

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P & H Cetus LV Sea Kayak - Performance Kevlar / Diolen

If you are a smaller or lighter paddler then you really require a sea kayak that has been designed with your stature in mind.

With the Cetus LV P & H began hand-shaping a body that would ensure you have the same experience with full control of the boat out there on the water as everybody else.

The Cetus LV is a sleek and elegant performer that really utilises the available space to balance the volume creating a highly manoeuvrable and versatile British sea kayak. The Cetus LV has superb stability in all conditions and the ability to inspire confidence is remarkable and truly unrivalled by any other sea kayak out there.


Length and 'shallow V-hull'

A fast and efficient kayak that will get you where you want to go in no time at all.

The Swede form design

Widest section is behind the seat creating a very stable and confidence inspiring platform.

Low Volume

Smaller and lighter paddlers will benefit from the fit and responsiveness.


Length: 531cm/17' 5"

Width: 54cm/21.25"

Internal Cockpit Length: 80cm/31.5"

Internal Cockpit Width: 41.5cm/16.25"

Suggested Paddler Weight Range: 45-105kg/99-231lb

Construction: Performance Kevlar/Diolen

Colour Scheme: White Deck, White Hull, Yellow Trim, Logo and Lines

Skeg: Standard Rope Skeg

Footrest: Twistlock Footrest, bolted in

Seat: Connect