Park Tool bottom bracket and crank arm tool (HollowTech II) BBT-9

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Essential for home servicing & installation of Shimano HollowTech II bottom brackets, constructed to the high standards we've come to expect from Park Tools over the years.

A highly durable metal tool to remove and install Shimano HollowTech II integrated Bottom brackets and chainsets.

16 Laser cut splines securely engage the notches of the bottom bracket cups, while the other end fits the 8 internal splines of the crank arm adjustment cap.

Plastic coated handle for a secure and comfortable grip.

Warning: this tool has a long handle and it is possible to damage the tool or the component by over-tightening during installation.

Recommended torque setting for bottom bracket cups: 35 - 50 Nm

Recommended torque setting for crank arm adjustment cap: 0.4 - 0.7 Nm