Sea Kayak Rescues

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Fast - Simple - Effective

World renowned coaches Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme, co-owners of Body Boat Blade International join forces with award winning filmmaker Bryan Smith of Reel Water Productions in Sea Kayak Rescues.

A modern guide to effective rescues in a range of conditions from flat water to the oceans most complex environments.

Using visually stunning slow motion of important details combined with exciting real time footage of rescues in tidal races, coastal environments and protected bays, this instructional film gives paddlers all the tools they need for fast, simple & effective rescues.

Shawna and Leon break down the basics of wet exits, self rescues, rolling, towing and beyond in a format that invites learning and success.

Instruction is creatively blended with beautiful cinematography in this fresh new approach to mastering important rescue skills. As the sport of sea kayaking has evolved, so has rescue technique and coaching. Sea Kayak rescues establishes a new standard in kayak instruction.

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