Stans NoTubes - Enduro Tubeless Kit 26" - Rhyno Lite

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Stan's No Tubes - Enduro Tubeless Kit 26" 25-28mm Wheels - Formerly Rhyno Lite

Stans tubeless system converts your existing wheel set to tubeless. It allows you to use either standard or tubeless tyres, saving hundreds of dollars and weight over purchasing other Tubeless Systems.

This kit includes

Two molded rim strips with Presta removable valve cores

One pint of Tire Sealant with a 60g scoop and spout

One 10 Yd roll of rim tape Decal

Detailed instructions

This kit is designed to fit a few particular rims measuring 25 to 28mm wide. Molded rim strips are equipped with 32mm removable core presta valve stems. Formally called the Rhyno lite strip

Manufacturers Part No: KT0011