Whetman Equipment Sea Guide Towline

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Whetman Equipment Sea Guide Towline - with Kraken Stainless Steel Karabiners

Designed to be used by guides, leaders & coaches.

The priority in making this device was functionality. The user is likely to deploy the device on a regular basis & needs a simple system which can be repacked in rough water and then be deployed again.

The bag has two tows:

Main Tow

Second Tow

Main Tow

​The 14metre towline is made of floating rope connected back to the stainless ring & elastic webbing which is connected to a central pivot point inside the bag.

The rope is very light, easy to repack & dries quickly.

The float can be positioned anywhere on the tape line and will stay in position. This is an advantage when the connector must be fed under decklines in a raft situation then the float will remain outside of the lines. The tape creates a very low profile which prevents snagging whilst releasing the tow.

Second Tow

The ultra short second tow is a separate line of tape which is connected directly to the central pivot point and exits out of a drain hole in the base of the bag. It is deployed without unzipping the bag.

This second tow can be used as a contact towline. It has many other uses which includes to connect to the main line with a clove hitch enabling a shorter length of main line to be deployed. It can be used to cinch around a paddle shaft & allow it to float free, also useful should a throwline rescue be deployed into a gully; once thrown the throwline end can be clipped into the short tow & the rescuer is then hands free to prepare to tow out the casualty. Another application is should the wearer be assisting from the rocks on a rocky landing in swell he may wish to be held in position on a belay line connected to the short tow to prevent being washed into the sea.