X-Plorer Kit Bag by Ortlieb

Code: AA1935

Ortlieb X-Plorer Kit Bag

This backpack is the perfect choice for canyoning, climbing or caving. It is also a favourite luggage piece on motorcycles and a small portage pack ideally suited to day-trips by canoe. The combination of rucksack and dry bag is by far lighter than a conventional backpack with carrying system. It is available in two sizes, and when empty, it can be rolled into a flat little package.

Further features:

_D-rings at the closure

_Handle and bottom loop for tying, locking, hauling or fix­ing a carabiner

_Carrying handle | Easy to clean

Roll-down Closure use:

The easily operable roll-down closure is proven to be absolutely safe in any situation. Prior to immersion in water, roll at least four times and close the buckles. The entire equipment is packed in a compact way for convenient transport.