Xtremer Sack 113 Litre Portage Pack by Ortlieb

Code: AA1273

Ortlieb X-tremer 113 Litre Portage Pack

There are three things that you need for a new adventure: a little bit of courage, optimal equipment and the sturdy X-Tremer. Whether you choose size XL or XXL, both sizes are huge, and true alternatives to rigid boxes and bulky barrels. Also suitable as protective cover for luggage. And when empty, they are easy to fold flat into a little package.

Further features:

Three D-rings for fixing and locking with e.g. a padlock

Bottom loop for hauling and fixing

Easy to clean

Roll-down Closure use

The easily operable roll-down closure is proven to be absolutely safe in any situation. Prior to immersion in water, roll at least four times and close the buckles. The entire equipment is packed in a compact way for convenient transport.


Height: 92 cm 

Diameter: 39 cm 

Circumference: 122 cm 

Weight: 1150 g 

Volume: 113 L 

Note: The height indicated refers to closed dry bags which are rolled three times. For the open length, please add appr. 7,9 in./20cm.