Silverbirch Broadland 15 HL Whitewater Spec Open Canoe

Code: AA2837

Silverbirch Broadland 15 High Line Whitewater Spec Canoe - Duralite Construction

A deeper cut, whitewater outfitted version of the increasingly popular Broadland 15 duralite.

The Broadland 15 high line has been trimmed 30mm higher at the gunwale ensuring a drier ride, and comes complete with Peak UK Airbags, fitted kneeling thwart, high visibility deck lines & rope handles, and a deep dish sculpted yoke.

Drawing on the classic lines and proven design characteristics of a traditional Prospector canoe, the Broadland is a true all rounder and a real workhorse.

Silverbirch have optimized the chine, camber, and sidewall profile from the original Prospector design to increase both primary and secondary stability – making the Broadland a confidence inspiring canoe to paddle.

A carefully considered rocker profile, and a symmetrical hull form ensure the Broadland 15 paddles well either tandem or solo.


Overall length - 4565 mm / 14'11'

Width at gunwale - 904 mm / 35.5"

Max width - 900 mm / 36"

Rocker bow & stern - 62 mm / 2'5"

Depth bow & stern - 540 mm / 21.3"

Depth middle - 389 mm / 15.3"


Ash gunwales - 33 Kg / 73 lb

Vinyl gunwales - 35 Kg / 77 lb